Sunday, April 4, 2010

Marcie's Story

Hi, my name is Marcie and I am the proud mom of 8 children (current photo here...I'm the red head). Unfortunately, my second son, Zachary, passed away just 7 years ago at the age of 15 1/2 from an unknown heart condition. I miss him and think of him every waking moment of my day. I was grieving so much and I wanted to do something to get my feelings out and to help me remember the good times with Zach, so I resumed scrapbooking and I found the therapy to be amazing! It is just what I needed! I decided if it helped me so much that maybe I could help others in the same situation, so I started "Mothers of Angels" scrapbook group.
At first it was very small and I would just make up packages of donated scrapbook supplies and anytime I heard of or saw an obituary in the paper of someone that had lost their child, I would get a package to them. My local scrapbook store has a donation trunk and have been very generous about allowing people to donate scrapbooking supplies. As the numbers grew, we decided to all get together to scrapbook. I found even more wonderful moms in the Compassionate Friends charter that my good friends (that had also lost sons) had just recently started.

Suddenly the little Mothers of Angels program I started became a regular scrapbook get together. The love we share as friends with the huge loss of our children in common has bonded us together. We laugh together, we cry together and we are there for each other no matter what situation arises. Scrapbooking our memories of our children has been the best therapy any of us have found! I am so grateful that I was already an avid scrapbooker before the passing of Zach so I could help others learn something that could help them deal with their loss also. I would be so happy to help anyone out there do the same thing and start their own group. I am so grateful to Imaginisce for this opportunity to help you and to share our stories with you! I hope you will find the same peace and joy we have found by putting your memories and pictures of your loved ones on paper.

Love to all,

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