Friday, March 4, 2011

Huge Donation!

For this donation I had to go to Salt Lake....and when you see the pictures of my car you will know why! Lori Allred from Imagininsce organized it all! There were donations from Fancy Pants, My Minds Eye, Teresa Collins (love her!), a BUNCH from Creating Keepsakes, and even more from IMAGINISCE of course!

Can you believe how much stuff this is? My car was completely weighed down!

Of course we HAD to go to lunch at Cafe Rio! Bridget Bradley (sales manager) and Jen Meyer (marketing assistant) for Imaginisce joined Lori Allred and I. We had a blast!

Here I am with Lori Allred (Marketing Coordinator for Imaginisce) who made all of this possible! She has been a wonderful friend of mine for years and I just love her! All of us at Mothers of Angels are so grateful to her for starting this blog and getting all the donations together!

There were donations from Imaginisce (of course!)

Creating Keepsakes http:/

Align Center My Minds Eye

Fancy Pants

and I could never forget Teresa Collins!

Thank you all so much! Your donations have helped us keep a great deal of the cherished memories of our children preserved forever!

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